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Top Picks for Kids Indoor Forts that You’ll Love

Parents love giving their children surprises. You’re probably one of them. Are you? Whether you’re a parent, a guardian, or just someone who’s passionate about making kids happy, then for sure you’ll enjoy creating a lovely playground where they can relax and learn at the same time. The choice of having forts inside your home or yard is within your means right now. Anyone is capable of designing their own just by following the guides provided from available resources, and having the materials needed in structure building. And yes, you’ll have plenty of choices on which design you’d like to have. The following are the top picks we have gathered for you:

Pretty Palace

Kids would sometimes imagine themselves being in a palace, just like what they see in fairy tales. Gladly, you can let your child experience it for real. With this variation of box fort which can be made indoor, kids can have fun and relax in the comfort of their home. Making this design is pretty easy. You need cardboard boxes, paint, and inflatable beach balls. And to make it a lot more real for kids, you need to complement the structure with suitable costumes. Commonly, this design is patterned to the Alladin theme, and when you see the finished artwork, you’d surely love seeing your kids playing and resting inside.

Castle in the Clouds

If you want a much simpler setup, this one is definitely for you. With few cardboard boxes and some piece of clothing, you can have this already. Kids would love this, too. They can explore in a tiny space, and play anything inside that the structure can accommodate. For you, the experience of building this one is also worthwhile. You only need some tools such as measuring tape, razor blade knife, hot glue gun, straight edge, and sandpaper. Once you have all these, the steps are quite easy and simple: (1) Glue the three boxes together, (2) Cut out doors and windows, (3) Cut and fold a ton of corner rectangles out, (4) Trim the windows and doors, (5) Add toppers to the right and left, and (6) Add slanted roof. And voila, you now have something to entertain your kids at.

Rad Reading Nook

Kids who love books would certainly want to have this fort at home. This can serve as a personal space for reading, and for some entertainment with playmates as well. Many parents make their own design, or according to their kids’ preference, to encourage positive behavior and develop a good habit of reading. And there’s also a way to make the whole experience at the space even more exciting for the young ones. That’s by adding other structures that can be used for other purposes, such as baskets for holding books and tables for placing other learning objects. Depending on how you wish it’s gonna look like, you can find other inspirations on the web to guide you in the process of making it.

House in the Hallway

Your hallway is a nice place to build your kid’s fort, too. As long as it does not block the major pathways, then you can let kids play there. This design is ideal especially for a bigger structure that can’t be accommodated in other places inside your home. Or maybe, this one is just fit when your kid prefers to have it in the hallway. You can tailor some decorations to suit the theme of the cardboard fort you choose. That’s just important when you want to make it more attractive for kids to stay in. As a matter of fact, many moms out there are trying their best to give this experience to their kids.

Clever Kit

In case you don’t have all the time to build a more complex fort design for your kids, then there’s a good alternative. You can settle for a simple fort kit that can be made in minutes, with very few materials needed. With a stand as support on both sides and a piece of blanket, it’s good to go. It would feel like a camping experience for kids, and even for adults inside your home. You can check out samples of this design on the web to serve as your pattern or inspiration.

Camp Out Inside

Another variety of simple yet cozy design for kid’s fort is this one. It looks like a tent and provides the experience of being in a camp outside. Kids can enjoy playing in the space, while you’re doing other chores at home. You can put this one inside their room, or any other spaces where you find accommodating. With a small piece of blanket plus some simple designs, this is all done. You can even involve your kids in designing this fort, and they’d surely enjoy the process.

There are many ways to express your affection for your kids. But choosing that which can serve good purposes more than just fun and entertainment is commendable for you as a parent. And having an indoor fort is simply the best choice there is.


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