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Imaginative Gifts For Grandkids That Create Bonding Time

Children who are fortunate enough to get to spend time with their grandparents are truly lucky. Not only are grandparents usually the fun ones who like to spoil their tots with lots of desserts and extra spending money, but studies have proven that children who have close bonds with grandparents are more confident, compassionate, and do better in school. 

There are many ways for children and grandparents to bond, no matter if they live across the country or right down the street. Here are five ways to foster bonding between these precious generations and three amazing gifts to help them create special memories together. 

Five Ways For Children And Grandparents To Bond

  1. For grandparents that don’t live nearby, use technology to your advantage! Rather than just calling, try some video calls. Mom and Dad can help set things up for the grandparents if needed. 
  2. Visit often. Don’t just visit when childcare is needed. Invite grandparents over for dinner, on shopping trips, on short vacations, or just to come over and play. 
  3. Kids love to cook, and grandmas love to cool. So what could be better? Let them bake together! 
  4. Even in the digital age, everyone likes to get a fun letter or package in the mail. Have children write letters and draw pictures for grandparents and they can be pen pals.
  5. Playtime is one of the best bonding rituals there is. Playing games together makes children feel safe and loved, and that love goes both ways. 

Three Gifts For Grandkids And Grandparents To Help Bond Through Play

Now that we know that playtime is very important to the process of bonding, let’s talk about the best toys and games! Choose toys and games that take collaborative effort and let everyone use their imagination. 

#1. Board Games

Board games are easy to set up and can take minutes or hours to play. The games you choose will largely be based on the age of the children and their interests. Games go back generations so there are bound to be some older games that will be fun and nostalgic for the grandparents as well. 

#2. Tea Parties or Teddy Bear Picnics 

Imaginative play is perfect for bonding. You can be silly, creative, and really get into character. Both boys and girls at young ages will enjoy playing pretend with tea parties and picnics that feature their favorite stuffed animals and their favorite people in the world, grandma and grandpa. 

#3. Building Forts 

The tradition of fort building goes back as far as anyone can remember. There’s a good chance the grandparents have made a fort or two back in their day and now they can help their grandchildren build new ones. A fort takes communication and idea-sharing to build and once built can provide hours and hours of imaginative play. Make-A-Fort has made fort building into art with their reusable cardboard kits. You can choose from a standard fort, a maze, or even a castle. When you’re done, fold it up and slide it under a bed for next time! 

The time we get to spend with our grandparents is sometimes regrettably short, so fill it with laughter, long hugs, and a lot of love. 

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