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How to Make a Fort

Step 1 – Choose the Type

There are lots of ways to build an indoor fort including…

  • Boxes – Build with large cardboard boxes and duct tape
  • Blankets – Build with blankets and chairs
  • Air Forts – Build with large box fans and sheets
  • Cushions – Build with sofa and chair cushions
  • Kits – Build with a fort building kit

For purposes of this articles, we are going to build with Make-A-Fort Build Kits but much of the advice applies to any type of fort.

Step 2 – Choose a Location

The location of your build is important. Obviously, choose a room big enough to accommodate the fort you plan to build. Building on a smooth surface like tile or hardwoods is often difficult, choose a location with a rug or carpet.

If you have pets, you might choose a location where your pets can enjoy the fort as well or you might choose a location away from pets to prevent your pet from wrecking what you’ve built (cats love to jump on top of forts).

If you plan to sleep inside, choose a location where Mom and Dad would approve you sleeping.

Step 3 – Plan the Structure

If you are building one of the Make-A-Fort Projects, you can already see where all the entrances and exits will be. Position the structure in the space so the entrances and exits are in open areas of the room. Having an entrance or exit up against a wall isn’t that useful.

If you are building three or more panels high, be sure that long walls have perpendicular walls every couple of panels to create a sturdy structure.

Step 4 – Build the Structure

Start building your structure working bottom up. Connect all the panels that touch the floor first. After the bottom layer is complete, add more panels to create taller walls, roofs, or to create tunnels in and out.

Use the yellow braces in corners to make the corners stronger. This is especially important for multiple panel roofs that may sag without the yellow braces.

Step 5 – Make it Comfortable

Now that you have a fort built, you can do a few things to make it better…

  • Bring in pillows and blankets inside to make it more comfortable
  • Use sheets or lightweight blankets on top to make it darker
  • Add an LED light inside to create a cool light show on the walls (avoid incandescent lights that get hot)

Step 6 – Show Off Your Fort

Congratulations on learning how to make a fort. We’d love to see what you’ve built. Post your photos on Facebook or Instagram with #makeafort to share your photos with us.

Boy popping out top of fort

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